My 2.0 Version= 4 Base Pillars Of My Career Success

Today I am writing this article basically, this article is all about my 2.0 Version. Most people have their plan to achieve their goals those who execute the plan, in reality, achieve their goals, and those who only think they just think for a lifetime and remain on the same stage in the same condition.

Hey everyone, My name is Hemant Solanki and Im a first-year student From 12th onwards I have found my career, passion and have decided goals for my life. My mind is a complete entrepreneurship base. Every moment I just think about money and goals, dreams, a lifestyle that I want.

So basically in my 2.0 version, have completely change the way of thinking. Normally what happens is when I plan for the 5 years or for my future, mostly I was not thinking practical because what my mindset do is at the time of planning for career success I just consider better lifestyle, lots of money and Luxury cars, Houses and all and ultimately what my plan was I have 5cr rupees, my own house, my car but never thought practical that how I can I achieve that, I just thought I will do this and this and I will be able to achieve all things but the reality is different I am not able to achieve even single thing from that.

Basically what you know, to achieve all is possible but just change the way of thinking. So I started thinking and planning in reality in my 2.0 version. what I did is? First of all, I wrote my goals and divide all into two parts first one is Short term goals and the and second is long term goals and then I divided them into steps and also I have backup and you know what I analysis is I am slowly achieving my goals step by step just because of ”Long Term, practical and realistic thinking process.” And this is the first pillar of the empire.

The second pillar of my empire is Mindset. Basically I belong to a lower-middle-class family and in these types of family there is only one earning person who is the leader of our house, I call him PappaJI. So in my family, there is always we face the problem of money and problems due to money that is not a big issue the main thing is the mindset of people surround me. Even if they are my family members but I can frankly say that their mindset is very poor because they don’t want to do something for them for the goals they just want is retirement. From my school life, I just thought one thing that do hard work for 5years and become free for the next 50year. Now put your hand on your heart and on the head and think practical, Is This Possible?

That’s the reason why I hate my school and the school teacher, Therefor I changed my mindset towards real-life need which is money. Because “Money Is Everything”. Now In My 2.0 Version, my mindset is totally focused on my goals.

The third Pillar is Main Pillar which is actually taking me towards my goals is Action And Execution. I have planned and also make my mindset toward my goals so the next step is to execute this plan. As I planned I started executing and obviously I’m getting results which I have already expected just because of Practical thinking.

Basically I’m a defender personality type guy who always seems to be in his own thoughts and life and likes to live alone. So normally I can not mix with new people fast. I have just 1 best friend and his name is Lakhpati. But excluding him I have also 2 Guys who always live with me, I can share everything with them anytime and they always help me you know who are they guys is? The One Is My Brain And Second One Is My Heart. They are the fourth pillar of my career success.

I always took decisions when only my brain says yes and whenever I feel depressed I always talk with my Heart and the best thing is he always shows me true ways to solve problems, and also always helps me to get out of tough situations.

Always remember My Word, whenever you feel depressed always talk with your heart and take decision when only your brain says yes.


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